“Revisions of Valhalla” is published

I’m excited to announce the publication of some of Daniel Kreadman Kuhn’s poetry! I described the work in a previous post, and my collaborator Peter Miles Bergman made this great little video overview.

Peter posted more about the printing and publishing process that gives us a peek into how it was made.

This has been a very meaningful collaboration for me, and I’m pleased to have some copies available. If you’d like one please reply or contact me directly to arrange a delivery. These little works of art beautifully embody some of Daniel’s wit, spirit, and mystery, and also a bit of ours in our encounter with this piece of his legacy.






One response to ““Revisions of Valhalla” is published”

  1. mary.blocksma Avatar

    Goodness! Of course I’d love a copy! Happy to pay for it. I’ll try to find it online also. I’m so happy to hear this.

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