From Jonathan Rulison

He wrestled with my brother, Dan and me on the living room floor. It was Christmas about 1966. Uncle Dan was my Mom’s brother. When I was about 8-10 yrs old our family lived in Scotch Bush NY. Uncle Dan visited us over Christmas time. Besides wrestling on the living room floor, we enjoyed a present from him. It was a baseball game where you put the little standing players at home base one by one. I don’t remember what qualified the players to move, but as soon as the surface vibrated, the men would move forward around the bases. We were thrilled with this gift from our Uncle Dan!

Decades later I was in Thailand celebrating being together with family in Bangkok. Can’t remember all who was there, but at least my parents, me and Grandma Eileen Khun. Uncle Dan was in the USA, and his thoughtfulness sent us to a “rolling restaurant!” He gifted us with an evening out at the restaurant of our choosing. Covering a large piece of property, the waiters came to us on roller skates. We didn’t see any of them fall, so they were practiced. What a fun change to have our food brought to us with such flair! Uncle Dan’s gift brought us tasty dishes and time to reminisce all on his tab.







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