Aug 1 1943

Born in Yunnan, China

Daniel begins life as a missionary baby in a small Lisu village.

March 1950

Escape to Burma

Daniel hikes with his mother over the mountains during the communist revolution.

June 1952

Aldrich Family

Daniel begins two and a half years in a foster family as their 10th child.


Wheaton Mission Home

Daniel makes friends in what would soon be his home.

March 1957

Death of Isobel Kuhn

Daniel’s mother succumbs to breast cancer at age 55.


Wheaton College

Daniel earns his BA in English literature.


US Army Active Duty

Daniel graduates with High Honor and a 2nd Lieutenant’s Commission in the U.S. Army.

Mar 22 1966

Death of John Becker Kuhn

Daniel’s father dies at age 60.



Daniel is shipped to Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division as a personnel Officer.

Apr 24 1968

Marriage to Mary Blocksma

Daniel and Mary are married in Hawaii while Daniel is on leave from Vietnam.

Jul 1972

Birth of Dylan Kuhn

Daniel and Mary have a son in Laramie, Wyoming.



Daniel and Mary separate.


Retirement from USPS

Daniel retires after 33 years with the postal service.


Marriage to Sarah Troster

Daniel moves to Sarah’s house in Indian Hills, Colorado.

July 2007

Maroon Bells Backpacking

A memorable trip with Dylan.
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Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Daniel is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.


Prostate Cancer

Daniel overcomes prostate cancer with radiation and hormone treatments.

Jun 2022

Move to Reno, Nevada

Daniel moves to Park Place Assisted Living near his son.

Aug 1 2022

79th birthday

Daniel is in good spirits for his final birthday celebration with a few family members.
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Nov 6 2022


Daniel dies peacefully in his room in Reno.

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